Saturday, 28 June 2014

Angry woman

Do You also have days, when you fill that nobody understand you ? I'm during that day. I have literally enough, of asking for a bit of comprehension my family. 
Maybe it's because I'm pregnant, maybe it's because I'm emigrant, maybe because I'm a woman...Or all that together. 
Today I'm angry mother and very angry wife.  Everything have started from morning, I add that Saturday morning, so all family is at home. Like usually at Saturday for breakfast we have pancakes (big and flat, not those little and fluffy), so I'm doing pancakes, washing some dishes, kids are running around and all the time asking for something and my lovely husband asking if I could make a tea for him...and that was it to much...I thought so I'm pregnant woman in my last weeks of pregnancy and my family is acting like that, no way... So I'm screaming and crying in the same time... My husband it's not the type that will come and gave me a hug or say something that calm me down  unfortunately, and I have knew that even befor I have started screaming... So I was left alone with my miserable face. I backed to pancakes.
But after breakfast my husband and kids have started cleaning all house, I think he felt guilty so he thought that if he will clean I will feel better. Unfortunately I'm a woman and all I needed was attention, understanding, good word, hug and assuring that I'm loved. He was doing good thing in his opinion but I still didn't got what I needed. 
Is that situation familiar for you ? It's classic from book 'Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars' . I have read this book long time ago, and I know that my husband fills that I was unfair for him. He was traing so hard and got only my tears. To bad that he have never read this book.   
Now they all gone for some shopping, so I can relax and seat in quiet house not bother by anyone, I really needed that...
We will see what will happen till evening, but I know that only way to got what I need is to tell him about this, he won't guess... ;)  

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