Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mum, what to do?

Holiday careless time 
(Our favourite destination this holiday-water playground)

I love holidays. I love not being in a rush, not have to be on time somewhere. I have a break from dropping off and picking up, from driving around the city. We can sleep till 9 am and being in our pyjamas till 12 pm, from time to time. We are during school holidays here in Australia. First time 5 weeks of school with my three at home. Yes, I was worried, how will I cope? Because we've planned only one week out of home. So, 4 weeks I am with them on my own till 6 pm. Believe me it's not an easy task to keep them busy, but because we don't have to rush anywhere, I don't have to panic and I can gave myself luxury of doing things slowly, according to the situations, moods etc.

Every day I entertain them for nearly half of the day (playgrounds, walking, visiting friends, all sorts of activities) rest time I expect them to take care of themselves ( i didn't count my little prince  ;) )
And then they starts 'Mum what to do?', ' What can I do?', ' I'm bored.'Etc.

I've noticed that the more I suggest, the more ideas they demand and less creative they are.
They won't stop till I lost my control or till I say go and watch television.
So, I've stop giving them any ideas.
I only encourage them to find their own plan for entertainment.
What I say exactly? 
- I'm curious what you will figure? 
- What you fill like to do?
- Hmmm...
- Hard to decide ? 

Is it working? Mostly, yes. Some days are harder, but only some ;) a lot depends on how they are filling, what kind of whether is and the way I speak ( gentle works, a bit irritated not at all ).
Only sometimes I am giving them advice, when? When I want them to do something ;) but, this is whole other story ;)

How you guys dealing with questions-'What to do mum?' Or 'I'm bored.'

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

I resolve to...

When I was a little girl every time I have finished next year of school I've started holidays from huge cleaning. I simply couldn't enjoyed my holidays with cupboards full of papers, books, notepads and other stuff  crushed inside. I had to close that chapter and make a room for next one.

Now facing New Year I have a big need of cleaning, the same one when I used to be a little girl. I want to literally clean a house but also my mind. I want to start this year differently not only with a tidy cupboards but with a focus mind, with a clear plan for next year.

Us a result I've made a to do list for 2015 first time in my life. Are you waiting now for that list ? Sorry, but I won't tell you ;). I only can tell that there are things to make, to change, to read and write, to like and inspired. Who? What? And why? You will know next year.

What about you? Do you have some to do list or New Year's resolutions? 

Maybe that one will help