Friday, 13 June 2014

First months in Australia

Kangaroos ?? = Welcome in Australia :) 

We landed in Australia at the second half of August. It was a rainy and cold Monday. We were exhausted after 24 hours flight, especially I and kids, because my husband seemed 
not notice of the time change. When we were driving to our new home from Melbourne I couldn’t watched views I was to sleepy. When we arrived to our new house all three of us went straight to one bed for a long nap and my husband went straight to work.
At late in the evening we woke up and found out that there is nothing to eat. So there it was- first shopping in Australia. At the super market first person that I spotted was barefoot women with messy hair and she had little girl in trolley who was dressed in dirty pajama. I thought ‘So, this is how Australian looks like?’. After few months I have used to people who didn't bother how they looked like. That was the first difference I have noticed, because in Poland people worried a lot about their appearance.  
That was my first day in Australia and the rest of the week was looking pretty much the same. We were sleeping till 1 pm then we couldn’t slept at the night, but every day was bit better in that matter, so after a week had past we started to cope with time change.
After we survived the first changes: time, season ( in Poland was summer), traffic ( we drive on the right side of the road ). I had to start a normal live.
I started organised our house by buying furniture and other necessary things. I also had to managed with kindergarten for kids. I didn’t feel confident with my English at all so, my husband was helping with communication. In Poland I have learned English for many years, but after I finished my education I didn't use it often. I had this big barrier with talking.  I thought that I sound silly that I was doing a lot of mistakes, that people can’t understand me. Believe me first months weren't easy at all, from businesswomen to women how was struggling with the  easiest  things. Sometimes I felt flustered and confused. Everything was different. There were many times that I was angry at my husband and at myself that I wasn't  doing well. At this first months I just wanted back home...homesick was huge.    

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