Saturday, 5 July 2014

Mental health

Happy mum with happy kids :) 

Last week I was in the hospital for rutine visit. Between some magazines my daughter had found a brochure and she handed it to me and said ' Mumy look somthing for you and new baby'. I looked at the title 'A guide to emotional health and wellbeing during pregnancy and early parenthood' I thought hmmm.. interesting.
At home I started to read and I was so surprise, that this kind of information are in the hospital us a brochure, it was good surprise. I thought if only I knew that when I had my first baby, it would be so much better for me, so easier. I wouldn't have felt so lonely with my thoughts, I would seek for some help and advise. I  know that you are very curious now ;) what the... Was in that brochure?
Well it was about negative feelings that you may experience during pregnancy and early parenthood, but the most important thing was that this is ok and you don't have to feel guilty. 
Sometimes we and people surranding us say only about joy and happiness because of baby. No one seems to notice and acquiescence these negative feelings like anxieties, stress, panic, anger. Even magazines and media promotes happy, sweet and lovely time during pregnancy and early parenthood. We can starting to feel guilty, that something is wrong with us becouse we are not that happy like we shoud. 
The brochure olso was about how to care about ourself and that is very important to care about our wellbeing us much us of a baby, how to preper for changing, how to help our partners which sometimes completely doesn't understand what is happening with us or with them. For dad's is olso not easy, they have to juggle job, parenting and being there for us, sometimes they could felt helpless or stress becouse of not knowing what to do. Sometimes is our job to show them how to cope with new situation, but what if we are feeling bad? So that is why knowledge of that new situation( becoming a parent) from different directions is so important, it only will help. 
Remember 'Happy mum means happy baby and happy relationship' :) 

I will make a scan of brochure, so if someone would like a copy let me know :) 

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