Thursday, 19 June 2014


Photos of Poland ( from letf: river Biebrza,river Biebrza, river Drwa, medow, Oaks in Białowieski National Park, Casel in Malbork, my house, winter in our garden, forest near our house, forest, medow near our house, winter in our garden )

I have never thought that I will be so homesick when I was living Poland. In this first months I was searching constantly for something familiar, for something that recall memories about Poland. I had started to cook very traditional polish dishes like pierogi ( dumplings with stuffing ), bigos ( stew from cabbage, meet, mashrooms and spices ). I heve never cooked them in Poland.
I started to appreciate our heritage more, how rich is the polish culture, how beautiful is the landscape  and the nature. What a great and long history we have with heritage buildings in every corner. I missed to polish forest to sounds of the nature, the views. I barly could stand yellow, dray grass, gumtrees, flat landscape around me.
There were better and worse times. Days when I was crying and days when I was great full for this journey. Days when I liked Australia and days when I heated it.
This swing of emotions was huge. In just few days my live have change so much. I didn't have friends, family, job, I was alone. My husband was working a lot, travelling a lot to different parts of Australia.
But there was one thing that kept  me going - my kids. I knew that I had to be for them. They missed also to their grandparents, friends, house even to their toys...
Very helpful was technology, us soon we got connection to the internet I was relived :).


  1. Gratuluję decyzji prowadzenia bloga :-) Z chęcią będę zaglądać , czytać i oglądać :-) Pozdrawiam cieplutko !