Thursday, 29 May 2014


When we were living Poland I have to admit that I was relived. Don't get me wrong, I love my country, my house, family, frainds and my work. On the other hand being working and so busy mum of two young children wasn't the easiest thing.
Last few months in Poland was really exhausting for me. I was allone, my husband was already in Australia. I had my family and friends to help, but still most of things I had to do by my own. Sometimes I was filling really stressed and  I had a panic attacks during the night when I was thinking about next day, 'How will I manage with everything ?'.
So, yes I was very skinny, tired and frustreted.
When we were boarding on the plane in one hand I was afraid of the future but on the other hand I was relieved. I knew that I won't work in Australia from very beginning, that i will have time for kids and live will slow down for me.
I wasn't stupid and I realised also that dealing with other cultur and language won't be easy, too, but I like challanges, so I'd rather was looking forward...

Friday, 23 May 2014

G'day everybody !! Witajcie !!

Hi I'm Magdalena, from almost two years I and my family  live in Australia. I'm mum to two young kids in age six and four and now we expect the third.
As you can learn from my blog title we originally are from Poland.
Why we came to Australia?
It was quite spontaneous decision. We never ment to emigrate abroad, but one day my husband asked ' What you think about Australia? ' He knew that I have always dreamed about Sydney Opera and Australia was my amazing holiday destination. He got proposition from work to came to Australia to take care of the new factory.  The answer was only one - Yes, we are going !!!
Despite of all my plans - my business have just started to grew (garden designing), my students have got familiar with me (I used to teach at high school). I have decided that this is one of the kind opportunity to visit and to live outside my country. I believed that everything gonna be ok and we won't regret any of the moment. 
So that's how, we have started our new journey.
I, Michał, Nikodem, Klara and now our family is going to grew !! 
What I'm going to write about ? 
Myself, my family, our live in Australia, how everything got change, our struggles, about happiness, my hobby (crafting, cooking, gardening). Hmm...well about all other things in my mind :) 
P.S. I'm sorry if my English is not perfect, I will tray doing my best to improv it.