Friday, 27 June 2014

Pregnant for third time...

                                                                   Photo taken by my son :) 

Today I would like to write about pregnancy. Well, I'm pregnant third time and every single one was different.
First time was very exited because everything was so unknown. I wasn't sure about a lot of things, is that ok that my belly hurts? Are they a baby movements? What should I eat? Can I ride a bike?  And so long... Only what I could do was to trust my doctor and hoping for the best. During pregnancy I have been few times in the hospital. Now when I'm thinking about those days I'm not sure if that was really necessary...
Second time was bit better becouse I have known already more. So I knew that some pain is ok and doesn't heve to mean that something is wrong. Unfortunetly my doctor was doing everything to put me into hospital, finally I heve anded there couple of times, but still in my opinion unnecessary. While I was at the hospital I was taking only basic medicines like folic acid, so what you think? Rather nothing was wrong. But my doctor tried threatened me that I could went into labour any time and that it was necessary that I stayed in the hospital. 
Those two times I felt like a incubator, doctors didn't care aboute me, they didn't ask if it's ok to do this or that, they just assumed that they can and that I didn't mind. 
Now I'm pregnant third time and my experience in that matter is huge I exactly know what I need and how I would like to be treat. This is also some kind of new experience becouse first time I'm pregnant in Australia and I have to say that a lot of things are different here. I won't write about all of them, but only one: No one treats me like a incubator, doctors asks how I feel, if it is ok to do this or that. Of course not everything is ideal, sometimes I thing that they are to relax and maybe they should be more concerned, but on the other hand if everything is ok ?  
From that place I would like to thank everyone my friends from Australia and Poland, my family, my kids, my husband, teachers from kinda and school, strangers  for their kindness, concerns, help, for all those beautiful words, for their joy because of new baby. All that was such a great experience, gave me strength in difficult moments, when I felt so bad, when I felt down... THANK YOU!!! :) 


  1. Tak duże doświadczenie z pewnością się przyda przy trójeczce pociech :) Cudowny czas przed Wami ... choć z pewnością nie łatwy - zwłaszcza z dala od domu... Jednak z tak mocnym wsparciem ze wszystkim dacie radę :) 3mam kciuki i życzę samych wspaniałości, radości i miłości :)

  2. Dziękuję Marta:) każde dobre słowo jest cenne z dala od rodziny i bliskich przyjaciół, mam nadzieje ze damy radę, choć mam świadomość ze moze nie być łatwo...ale ta świadomość jedynie pomaga :)