Friday, 5 September 2014

Nursery (building bond with a baby brother)

Preparing nursery is one of nicer thing while I'm waiting for my little guy :) . This time (us you remember third time) I want to make some more effort in preparing. My situation this time is different, becouse with me (and husband) are waiting us well my older kids and I want to involve them in preparation.
They are excited alredy but with making something and helping I hope they felt important and  that they started their journey of becoming older brother and sister, that they started building bond with their little baby brother.
This is also idea for how to make nursery in budget. I've bought just few new things like cot, chest of drawer, materials for decorations, changing mat cover, bouncer. I haven't bought a lot of new cloths or toys, most things I've got from opshops or after my older kids, I've got some things also from friends. As an experience mum is easier to choose, what is really important in nursery I have to admit :)

So what exactly we have done?

  • We've prepared a cot 
  • We've made decoration
        I've asked kids to make drawings for their little brother whatever they wanted.

        Thay have sewed little hanging toys which we first had choosed in the shop.

        Then we've made hand printed animals :) and I've sewed bunting

  • We've put clothes into a drawer
When baby will born kids with dad will finish preparations :)

This is mobile that Klara has made for Kornel

And this is how they had met little Kornel and me in the hospital.

I should have been published this post long time ego, but last couple month has been bit crazy :) Now we back on tracks so I hope there will be more time for me to write.