Saturday, 25 October 2014

Perfect Saturday

Saturday morning  (well not that morning 10 already ) I'm doing as usual flat pancakes. Kornel is still  sleeping,  older kids in their pyjamas talking in one of the room. Niki is giving the instruction about how to behave at the school "You can go on monkeybares , but you never ever allowed on the oval Klara" ( she starts school in few months). My husband is busy with something outside.
I'm thinking, what o perfect moment no rush, no screaming, no fighting. Everybody are doing what they want in their individual time. I'd like that moment lasted forever. I'm even not worry that kids are speaking English, I let it go in that moment. Only what I'm feeling is joy. Sky is perfect blue, sun is shinning, no one waked me up to early, I don't have to rush anywhere.

Than reflection appears: How is this happening? How after such exhausted week in one moment I can be grateful just for being ? How after all those dark thoughts  I'm ok again ?  

I have the same live, the same kids, the same husband, I didn't win big money. Nothing has changed, but I'm haveing this perfect morning, I'm happy. No, something has changed- my point of view. Someone could tell that's nothing, but it can make huge deference. The same glass can be half full or half empty and only from us depend how we see situation. We can do whatever we want with our lives, we can dream about things we can't have now or never, we can ask ourselves 'what if...?' ,or we can choose to be happy. I know that sometimes it's easy to say and much harder to do it, but if we, if I will keep going in the and I would be able to say, that at least I was trying to live out the happy life.