Saturday, 14 February 2015

Made with love...

Valentine's Day today,

Some hate it, some love it.

My opinion is only one - 
Every occasion to say your beloved ones that you care about them is good !!!

Gifts made with love...

My hand made cards for my dear hubby and kids...

And home made customise cupcakes...

Happy Valentine's Day!! 

Monday, 2 February 2015

Back to school !!

My below little girl starts school tomorrow  (she is just 5 years old and will be prep student- zerówka in Poland).
From few months everybody asks her, if she is exited about going to school ? 
She used to replied with a timid smile, that yes...but inside her much more was going on. 

I think she nodded , because everyone expected from her this happy, positive and exiting feelings  about school. 

Her big brother introduced her already with school rutine, even with homework ;). 
Believe me it didn't reassure her dilemmas.

So far she asked me a lot of questions. She feels a bit unsure. I try to prepare her for a lot of possibilities: 
How to behave when something not quite ok will going on? 
We talk - what is school for? 
That it's ok that she doesn't know everything...and much more.

The most important for me is to comfort her, give her a sense of security that no matter what she feels she can share this with me. 
I think that all this talking helped her a lot. Now she really feels excited and can't wait till the sound of school bell :) 
I'm  sure that this whole new chapter will be great experience for her, that she will grow in confidence, knowledge, new friendships... 

All the best my dear girl!!! 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

After the rain always comes the Sun

Last few days of school holidays were a bit tough. We simply had enough of each other...

We still managed to prepare supplies for school rather in peace ;)

At Fraiday Niki started grade 2. In the morning he, then, then put his new shoes, took new back pack and very proud in no time was redy :) 
first day is always bit different ;) 
then old habits will come back, but I hope that maybe not in few weeks ;)

Next week a big day for my little girl - she also starts school :)
This means more time for me, yuppie !!! ...if only little prince will behave himself...

Time will show, how all new rutine will work for everybody...