Thursday, 18 December 2014

Mum with a mission... (Cont. Ho, ho, ho ! Merry Christmas ??)

I've been busy whole week. Yes, I've been mum with a mission to bring Christmas spirit into our house and minds of my kids. 
We were cutting, drawing, hanging, cooking, decorating....but also listing carols and talking about what is really going to happened at Christmas Eve. It's important for me that they knew the story about baby Jesus, us well. That they understand what we are celebrating. We have this talk every year, just to remains them :) 
Here are some photos, how everything together turns out:

It wasn't about to make stylish decorations. I've used some things that they had made during the year and Christmas decorations which they have brought from school and kindergarten. They were so proud, happy, and excited!!! It was worth it!! 
One evening when we were baking and decorating ginger mans, my son went to bad with a song on his mouth- 'Santa is coming to town...' . So I think my mission is accomplished:) I managed to bring Christmas spirit into their maids.


  1. Oczywiście że Ci się udało !!! Jesteś Mamą - bohaterką :-) Cudne te Wasze ozdoby ☆ Ciepło pozdrawiam !

    1. Dziękuję serdecznie !!! Cieszę się, że wam się podobają :)