Monday, 2 February 2015

Back to school !!

My below little girl starts school tomorrow  (she is just 5 years old and will be prep student- zerówka in Poland).
From few months everybody asks her, if she is exited about going to school ? 
She used to replied with a timid smile, that yes...but inside her much more was going on. 

I think she nodded , because everyone expected from her this happy, positive and exiting feelings  about school. 

Her big brother introduced her already with school rutine, even with homework ;). 
Believe me it didn't reassure her dilemmas.

So far she asked me a lot of questions. She feels a bit unsure. I try to prepare her for a lot of possibilities: 
How to behave when something not quite ok will going on? 
We talk - what is school for? 
That it's ok that she doesn't know everything...and much more.

The most important for me is to comfort her, give her a sense of security that no matter what she feels she can share this with me. 
I think that all this talking helped her a lot. Now she really feels excited and can't wait till the sound of school bell :) 
I'm  sure that this whole new chapter will be great experience for her, that she will grow in confidence, knowledge, new friendships... 

All the best my dear girl!!! 

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